6 Reasons to Call a Local Electrician today

When it comes to electrical wiring and how electricity works, many of the customers we have worked with have quite limited knowledge. Without proper training, it’s hard to fully understand what is involved with electrical work, so it’s important to know when the right time is to call an electrician.

If you have dabbled in electrics in the past, you might feel confident enough to undertake minor electrical repairs around the house. This might also mean that you have over-confidence when it comes to much larger work, which could put you at risk.

When is the right time to call an electrician?

A professional electrician should be called whenever you have a problem or fault with the electrics in your home or workplace.

Here we look at the top 6 reasons why an electrician should be called. Let’s begin!

1. Circuit Breakers Tripping / Fuse Boxes Blowing

If you have a problem with your fuses blowing or circuit breakers tripping, an electrician should be called. Most people will assume that fuses need replacing or circuit breakers need resetting, which is not the case. Chances are that your system will be drawing more current than they are able to safely feed, meaning that there could be a potentially dangerous, underlying problem. In each case, you should take care to call your local electrician to investigate for you.

2. Flickering Lights

If you find that your lights get dimmer or flicker when certain appliances are used (or even if you haven’t noticed any correlation), it’s a wise idea to utilise the electrical services of an experienced electrician. As many electrical appliances that use a motor draw excessive amounts of current, they should really have their own dedicated circuit.

3. Additional Plug Sockets

Surprisingly, there are still hundreds of homes out there featuring electrical cords running under rugs and along skirting boards. This will usually mean there is a lack of plug sockets and more are needed. Adding additional sockets is a routine job for most electricians and a job that will help to make your home a much safer place.

4. Additional Circuits

Overloaded power points and boards can put an incredible amount of stress on the electrical systems in our homes and workplaces. This kind of arrangement can in fact force the electrical system to work far beyond the capacity that it is designed for, which is dangerous. To make your premises safer, an electrician should be acquired to create more circuits.

5. Old Plug Sockets

There shouldn’t be many out there, but you live in a home that still has the old two-prong plug sockets, there’s every chance the grounding and wiring in your home is extremely out of date. If the electrical system in your home is not sufficiently grounded, you and others living in your home may be at risk from living in an unsafe environment.

6. Warm / Shocking Surfaces

If your switches, power points or other electrical systems are warm/hot to touch, or you receive a shock, there is almost certainly a problem with the circuit. Chances are, the circuit won’t be able to cope with the demands of the electric in your home, so a solution will need to be put in place to make things safer. If you come across warm or shocking surfaces, this should always be followed by a call to your local electrician in Stockton in Tees.

What to do next?

Because electrical systems are dangerous, it is highly recommended that you call an electrician if any of these 6 scenarios present themselves.

Don’t hesitate to call S&S Electrics if you think you may have a problem with the electrical system in your home. We’ll be more than happy to help.